Teacher Education Programme in Dance

The Teacher Education Programme is for you who want to teach dance as an artistic subject in the upper secondary school. Here you will find information about the structure and content of the programme. Please note that this education is focused on Swedish upper secondary education.

This programme has Swedish as main language of instruction. You apply to the programme here on our Swedish website.

The Teacher Education Programme in Dance is aimed at those who want to teach dance as an artistic subject in upper secondary school and who find it interesting and stimulated by working with young people.

We educate independent teachers with a strong base in both art and science. The focus of the education is the mixture between dance as an art form, pedagogy and courses with a focus on the upper secondary education.

Being a teacher in dance in the upper secondary education is primarily about being a teacher. Working as a teacher you are privileged to be able to follow and contribute to young people's development, create good conditions for their learning and possibilities to grow as individuals. The teaching profession is exciting and complex and means that you develop your skills in your subjects and as a teacher in the daily meeting with students.

During the education, courses in dance and choreography are mixed with courses that prepare you for the role as a teacher in the upper secondary education. You can choose a second subject to teach that you can study either at Stockholm University or at Stockholm University of the Arts. You get a good foundation for a future professional life in upper secondary education and nearby fields.

A large part of the education consists of courses in the educational science core, for example pedagogy and didactics, and work-based education (VFU), ie internships. This means that during your studies you get to practice both teaching dance and writing and discussing, among other things, dance, choreography, pedagogy, school and society. A norm-critical and intersectional perspective runs like a common thread through education.

You will deepen your knowledge in choreography, in a chosen dance genre that is your main focus, and in other dance genres that you choose yourself. This means that you will develop your technical abilities in dance and choreography, work with bodily and aesthetic expression and deepen your artistic ability.

The education is 5–5.5 years, which corresponds to 10 and 11 semesters respectively (depending on which other school subject you choose). You begin your studies with the subject Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts. During semesters 1–4 and 8–10, the subject Dance is mixed with courses in educational science core and VFU. During semesters 5–7, you study Dance with specialization in choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts or another school subject studied at Stockholm University. If you choose to study Swedish or Social Studies as a second school subject, this means that you study an additional 30 higher education credits, ie an eleventh semester.

The goal is for you to gain the basic knowledge required to be able to teach and contribute to students' knowledge development in dance and in another subject in upper secondary education. But you must also have the independence required to be able to influence and contribute to the development of the school.

You have the opportunity to work with different dance genres, but you apply with the genre that is your main focus and that you would like to immerse yourself in.


Study period: 2 September 2024–3 June 2029

Education scope: 300-330 credits

Teaching language: Swedish

Study location: Stockholm

Study pace: 100 %

Subject area: Dance Pedagogy

Course syllabus/programme syllabus:Download

Photo: Robert Larsson

Programme director Stina O'Connell

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