Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Pedagogy

The Bachelor's Programme in Dance Pedagogy is aimed at those interested in dance and learning and who want to be able to work in both artistic and educational activities with dance, choreography and teaching. It is a programme for you who enjoy meeting and working with people and creating conditions for personal development and creativity.

This programme has Swedish as main language of instruction. You apply for the programme here on our Swedish website.

During the programme, you study courses that combine artistic, educational and research based approaches. During the first year, you plan and carry out a didactic project, during the second year an artistic project, and during the third year you plan and carry out an independent work in the field of dance pedagogy.

You are welcome to apply regardless of dance style and dance background. The program is characterized by freedom of choice so that during the course of the education you can influence the direction in which you want to develop. The aim of the programme is for you to develop skills to be able to work with dance, creativity and teaching for different target groups - but also to develop an independence to be able to make your own artistic choices and have the opportunity to influence how dance is conveyed and to whom.

After the education, you can work in both artistic and educational activities. For example, as a dance teacher in the School of Arts or other educational activities, or in artistic and educational projects in various formats, initiated by yourself or other artists and educators.


Study period: 2 September 2024–6 June 2027

Teaching language: Swedish

Study location: Stockholm

Study pace: 100 %

Subject area: Dance Pedagogy

Course syllabus/programme syllabus:Download

Head teacher Andreas Erbrink

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